Dear Customers, Thank you so much for coming. To get our private counpon, please rate us and leave (good) feedbacks on any chart/page,... then send us the link and the screenshot to Support@monkstars.com, a private coupon of 10% for your future orders will be granted.

Our company partners with global merchants and artisans in order to provide you with the best prices and the most interesting products. This means that the order is shipped from global areas such as Thailand, Tibet, Switzerland, Korean, Singapore …via our partnership with USPS.

Please check more details here: https://monkstars.com/pages/shipping-delivery

When your order is shipped and logistics give us the tracking number(s), we will send the shipping information (tracking link + tracking number) to your email address that you used to place your order. Following the instruction, you will be able to track your order status. You can also enter your tracking number here to track your order: https://monkstars.com/pages/track-order

Tracking code typically takes 7-10 several business days to update into the online system. Sometimes it will be 10-15 days when logistics has too huge backlogs. So please wait a few days more and then check again. If not, please contact us: https://monkstars.com/pages/contact-us

The item was attempted for delivery but failed, this may due to several reasons. Please contact the local post office to make it delivered. The shipping company General explanation: Possible reasons for unsuccessful item delivery attempt: addressee not available at the time of delivery; delivery delayed and rescheduled, addressee requested later delivery, address problem - unable to locate premises, rural or remote areas, etc.

Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup. Please be aware of the collection deadline. General explanation: Your package has arrived at a local delivery point. Your package is out for delivery. If you ensure your package has been delivered successfully, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package, we'd advise you to contact the carrier to arrange a re-delivery or collect your item. Hint: Generally, the carrier has collection deadline, we'd advise you pickup your package at once, or it might be returned to us - the sender.

The item might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc. General explanation: Your package is being returned to sender due to any of these reasons: item refused by addressee; incorrect / illegible / incomplete address; expired retention period; addressee absence; etc. Your package might be retained by customs department due to any of these reasons: contains prohibited goods; importation of the goods is restricted; retained by customs due to tax payable, or any other unspecified reasons. Your package may have suffered damage or been lost during the transportation period. If you ensure your package has been delivered successfully, please ignore this notice. However, if you haven't received your package and it is under the 'Alert' status, then please pay attention: you need to read and analyze the detailed tracking information carefully. Due to complex description of worldwide shipping providers, we can't auto-detect and determine all the status 100% accurately, hope you understand. If the item was returned, please contact us with the correct and full shipping address.

We are so sorry about this. Although we are trying our best to process orders, our workers sometimes make their mistakes. Please kindly send some actual photos of the one you got together with the shipping label to support@monkstars.com. We will check and may free send a replacement after reviewing them.

If there are too many items per order or the items are from different warehouses or sometimes they are not in stock together, we have to send them separately. There is a unique tracking number for each package. Sometimes all the tracking numbers can not be all sent to your due to our system feature. We are trying to fix this. If you have not got all your order but you have no other tracking number, please kindly contact us.